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01A Few Words About Us


We are a new Mercedes SLK club  based in Hertfordshire devoted to all SLK owners. Bringing together Mercedes SLK enthusiasts, an online community and Mercedes SLK related information

The Herts SLK Club UK  aims to provide a fun and friendly opportunity for SLK car enthusiasts to meet.


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UK SLK Club and Forum

I bought my first SLK in the year 2000 it was so much fun not many people had seen the Vario roof back then. I now have a 230 R170 that I keep in my garage and enjoy taking out at weekends in the summer.
A great design by Mercedes Benz “SLK” derives from the company’s design mission to create a roadster that was—in German: sportlich (sporty), leicht (light) und kurz (short).


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We are developing a website and club for all  SLK owners and supporters of the beautifully designed and manufactured SLK cars.

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SLK Club UK is a fantastic place for technical information, advice, pictures and videos

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We are encouraging as many people as possible to contribute to the website  making the SLK Club UK a great place to help look after and care for your SLK.

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Finally ,a great browsing experience for all SLK owners

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Q:   Why choose us

A:   We offer a Blog and a forum all on the same website,

With a Great website design

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Q: Will SLK Club UK be arranging club meets

A: Yes we will  be arranging club meets. We will be continuing to update the website so each time you come to SLK club UK we will hope to have something new for you

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Q:   Why SLK Club UK.

A:   We believe we will be the best place to come for the SLK owner.

Please join us and help to make this happen

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Q:   What do I get for being in the SLK Club UK

A:   SLK Club UK memberships not established yet all posts and forum Free of charge

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