SLK Hybrid

While its debut is still a few years away, additional details about the next-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK sports car have emerged thanks to AutoExpress.

As we already know, it can be confirmed that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz SLK will ride on the firm’s new modular sports car architecture (MSA) also to be shared with the next Mercedes-Benz SL. This platform allows for different wheelbases along with differing car lengths and widths. Thanks to the versatility of the platform, it should allow for both soft top and hard top folding roof mechanisms.

This new platform will also weigh less than the platform which the current SLK currently uses. The current car features its very own platform but as mentioned, the next-gen SLK will utilise the same one as the next SL and consequently, the car will be made in the same Bremen, Germany factory as the future SL.

More importantly however is the fact that the new MSA platform will allow for a plug-in hybrid powertrain to be fitted to selection variants of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz SLK. As a result, this will be the first time the SLK is available as a hybrid . Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz’s 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will also be offered for the first time.

Towards the end of this year or next year, it is possible the first prototypes will begin testing.

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  1. Correct me if ‘m wrong. From the begining: shed SL (W113), meuusm Gullwing (W198), aand right after 300D Cabrioolet (W189), front of garage SL (R230), forest GLK (X204), sheeps SL (W198), crash test C Klasa (W204), P. Diddy S Klasa (V221), on the street Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept, and right after it Benz Patent Motorwagen, desert Gelenda (W463), iglo GL (X164), crossroads Pullman (W100), view from top S Klasa (V221), Fintail (W111), from behind (with wheel on back) Typ Mannheim Cabriolet (W10), next SL (R107), than Pontona (W120), next 300 SLR (W196S), break SL (W113), and the last one new C Klasss Coupe, SLS, CLS and SLK.

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